Outstanding Leaving Certificate Results from Oaklands Community College Class of 2023

Friday 25th of August was a special day at Oaklands Community College as the students received their outstanding results. Even though results could be accessed through the Candidate Self Service Portal, it was wonderful to see so many of the students come in to meet their teachers and share their success.

Speaking at the school, Principal Mr Kehoe said “I am thrilled for the students, we are all filled with immense pride and joy with the exceptional state exam results achieved by our students at Oaklands Community College. The hard work, dedication, and determination displayed by our students has truly paid off”

“Our students’ remarkable performance in the state exams is a testament to their commitment to excellence and the relentless support provided by our dedicated teaching staff. These results not only reflect the individual achievements of our students but also underscore the collaborative effort of our entire school community.”

“Our students have excelled across a wide range of subjects, showcasing their versatility and strong foundation in various disciplines. Several of our students have achieved top scores within the state, earning well-deserved recognition for their exceptional dedication to their studies.”

“This is also a very important day for parents, guardians, siblings and wider families of our Leaving Cert graduates. I want to acknowledge the constant encouragement and guidance provided by our parents and guardians. Your partnership in your child’s education journey has been invaluable.”

“Oaklands Community College believes in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Our students’ achievements extend beyond academics, with their active participation in sports, arts, and community service reflecting their holistic development.”

“The future is very bright for these students. It was wonderful to hear about the careers ahead in Medicine, Engineering, Science, the Arts, Apprenticeships and many more. Congratulations once again on your outstanding Leaving Certificate results. I have every confidence that you will continue to shine brightly and contribute positively to the world around you.”