Student Council

What is a student council? 


A student council is a group of like-minded students, who are interested in how their school operates and committed to ensuring that every student has a say in their education.

The student council works closely with the school community including the teaching staff, the principal, boards of management and parents’ groups for the benefit of all students and to ensure that every student can have a say in decisions affecting their education.

Why should we have a student council?


The best decisions are made in schools if everyone who will be affected by those decisions is involved in making them in some way.  The purpose of schools is to educate students, so students are the most important group who will be affected by any decisions which are made there. Students often have ideas that others (such as teachers, parents, administration etc.) wouldn’t think of so if they are more involved in making decisions, better decisions for students will be made.

What can a student council do?


Student Councils usually work in four main ways:
Ask: student councils can approach others in the school or, propose changes or improvements, and request that others take action.
Act: student councils take action themselves on student concerns (but usually check and obtain permission to do so) or support other groups of students to take action.
Share: student councils work together in partnership with others (teachers, parents etc.) to make joint decisions and take combined actions.
Highlight: student councils also raise awareness about student needs and concerns as a step towards either taking action or asking others to act.

How does the student council work in Oaklands?


Every class democratically elects a class rep to sit on the student council.

  • Ms. Finlay, the liaison teacher supports and advises the student council but doesn’t have a vote.
  • The student council has a chairperson to lead the meetings, a secretary to take minutes of meetings, and a treasurer to look after any financial matters.
  • Class reps bring issues which their classses have to student council meetings, and inform their class of any decisions made.
  • The student council represents the students to any school authorities.

How do I get involved?

There is at least one, if not two, representatives from every year on the student council and they are usually elected to their position on an annual basis.

How can it help me?

Each representative is the eyes, ears and voice of every student whom they represent, so if you have an issue in school, talk to your class or year representative and they can bring that issue to their meetings to discuss a satisfactory resolution for all.  For more information on this and other issues relating to student councils contact the liaison teacher, Ms. Finlay.

Oaklands student council 2018 – 2019
The student council in for 2018 – 2019 is a very vibrant organisation. Democratically nominated by and elected by the student population, the student council involves itself in many areas of school life and brings matters of concern from the student body to the attention of management (Principal and Vice – Principals). The student council is made up of 13 members, representative of all year groups.The student Council meets approximately once every two weeks and feeds back to the individual year groups at assembly.