Mr. Gerry Connolly

Deputy Principal

Mr. Richard Murphy

Deputy Principal

Ms. Mairead O’Shea

Assistant Principals

First Year

Ms. T. O’Toole

Second Year

Ms. D. Byrne

Third Year

Ms. E. Keane

Fifth Year/TY

Mr. K. Crann

Sixth Year

Mr. L. Courtney

Examination Secretary

Ms. P. Hynes

Co-ordinator of Arts and Communication

Ms. H. Weir

Co-ordinators of TY

Ms. R. O’Conell

Mr. J. Buckley

Ms. D. Byrne

Mr. J. Colgan

Ms. A. Condron

Ms. C. Conroy

Mr. L. Courtney

Mr. K. Crann

Mr. S. Creevy

Ms. L. Devine

Ms. S. Doherty

Ms. C. Donohoe

Mr. J. Duignan

Mr. P. Feighery

Ms. F. Finlay

Ms. P. Finn

Ms. N. Fitzpatrick


Ms. C. Groome

Ms. L. Guinan

Ms. P. Harrington

Mr. N. Hines

Ms. P. Hynes

Ms. C. Johnston

Ms. E. Keane

Mr. R. Kerarney

Ms. M. Kelly

Ms. N. Kelly

Ms. R. Kenneally

Ms. V. Kenny

Mr. G. Kiernan

Ms. B. Killane

Ms. K. Lawless

Mr. F. Leonard


Ms. S. Logan

Ms. L. Maher

Mr. R. Maher

Ms. C. Mahon

Mr. C. Mahon

Mr. R. Mitchell

Ms. E. McCarthy

Ms. M. McKenna

Mr. M. McMenamin

Ms. R. Monahan

Ms. Y. Moriarty

Ms. L. Ni Mhaille

Ms. C. Neary

Ms. H. Nunan

Ms. S. O’Callaghan

Ms. R. O’Connell

Ms. S. O’Connor

Ms. C. O’Donovan

Mr. C. O’Mahoney

Ms. A. O’Reilly

Ms. M. O’Rourke

Ms. T. O’Toole

Ms. A. Parkes

Mr. C. Pettit

Mr. L. Quinn

Ms. L. Robbins

Ms. B. Ryan

Ms. M. Sweeney

Ms. B. Walsh

Ms. H. Weir